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Produce Pro-Tip

Lemons are one of the workhorses of both professional and home kitchens alike. But they aren’t just for sauces and salad dressings! Dehydrate the skins and crush them in a food processor for lemon “dust,” candy them in simple syrup, or just zest them onto everything you can think of. Just make sure you zest your lemons before you juice them! It’s hard to do the other way around. Try reducing lemon juice down with a touch of butter, a hit of white wine vinegar, and some chili flakes for a seasonal agrodolce for Brussels sprouts or green beans. I love slicing lemons whole and baking them directly onto tarts, breads, or roasting fish. When choosing lemons, avoid “hard-feeling” fruit with super thick skin. The smoother and softer the skin, the juicier it will be. And if you want to maximize the amount of juice you get from your lemons, roll them on your countertops with your full weight on top of them for a few seconds. This will bust up the juice capsules in the fruit and allow the juice to flow freely.


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