September Recap

September Recap

From celebrating Food Safety Education Month to enjoying the first feelings of fall, September has been full of fun activities and topics!

But before we officially kick off October, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite moments from the month. Enjoy and stay tuned for more exciting things to come in the weeks ahead!

Superfood Saturdays

Pomegranates and plums made our end-of-summer list this month for superfoods to try and experiment with. For #SuperfoodSaturday, we whipped up a delicious Plum Galette, paired with Plum Jam, and finished with a sweet and savory Pomegranate Topped Sweet Potato concoction. As always, here's to starting our days feeling more energized and more informed of the super produce that's on your plate!

Food Safety Education Month

Here at Produce Alliance, food safety and quality assurance isn't just our management initiative, it's our way of life. So when it comes to providing industry-leading food safety education, as top-notch produce experts, we're definitely the right folks for the job.

We had so much fun ramping up our food safety coverage all month long, and can't wait to continue these important conversations all year long. Our most recent #Produce4Life blog post is a must-read that featured 5 Food Safety Tips to Help You Kick Off Fall

Follow Produce Alliance on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and to learn more and become an expert in food safety, too! From our farms to your fork, we've got you covered. 👍🏻


Market Report Good Buys

Each week, our Produce Alliance team sends out the latest information on the status of all your favorite fruits and vegetables. Along with this, we invite our very own Chef Steph to offer culinary advice on what to do with the best growing "good buys" in the market. 

Head over to The Dish, aka our PA culinary innovation hub, to see Chef Steph's recommendations for eggplant, pineapple, fennel, and baby bok choy! 

Fall Herb Week

Our Fall Herb Week hosted on social media closed out September and was a SMASHING success. We had a blast serving up our produce expert ideas and facts about the great growing greens of the season. Head over to our Facebook and Instagram to get a taste of all the herb fun!


Thanks so much for tuning in all month long! We can't wait for all the exciting things October is set to bring. Stay tuned, and happy fall from all of us here at Produce Alliance!

 Fantastic Recipes for When You're Feeling Fennel

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Superfood Saturday: Pomegranate Topped Sweet Potatoes

Superfood Saturday: Pomegranate Topped Sweet Potatoes