Monthly Produce Resolutions to Make for 2018

Monthly Produce Resolutions to Make for 2018

New Year, new goals! Starting 2018 off right with mindful resolutions doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

Take it step-by-step using the calendar approach and switch up resolutions one month at a time. Not sure where to begin? Not a problem! We’ve put together our very own produce and sustainability-centric Resolution Calendar for your convenience. Let's get to it!



Eat in season! Different areas offer unique arrays of fresh produce at different times of the year. When you do research on what naturally grows in your area per season, the benefits are boundless.

Quality is significantly better, prices are lower, your body’s natural nutritional needs are supported, and it’s totally environmentally-friendly! Start the winter New Year months with a good chunk of citrus and Vitamin C.



Learn the ins and outs of composting. Start a composting system that fits your lifestyle (something that can be easily applied throughout the whole year). Try checking with your local community gardens or farms to see if they accept donations! 



Make an impact in your community by volunteering at local gardens, farm-to-school programs, farmers markets, etc. 



Watch your water footprint closely this month, and make changes to better save water. Start by washing those fruits and veggies in a bowl or pot rather than running the sink, and recycling boiled water in soups or gravy.



Time to tackle the spring cleaning to-do list! Take a deep look through your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for expired foods and dispose of them properly and sustainably. 



Make it a point to visit your local farmers market at least once a week. Filling your kitchen with fresh from the farm produce that’s at peak ripeness is both delicious and supportive to local farms, communities, and economies. 



Do your research on shelf life and temperature control for all your favorite fruits and veggies. All produce has different lifespans, and by keeping a close eye on them you can help to limit food waste. 



Stock up on all the beautiful summer produce you’re seeing on your weekly farmers market trips, then opt into a Meatless Monday ritual where you replace protein dishes for plant-based produce recipes.  



Seek out a produce-heavy recipe featuring fruits and/or vegetables that you’ve never tried before and test out your culinary skills! Not only will it help lead towards a healthier lifestyle, but you’ll become more of an experienced chef. 



Cut out the sugar overload this Halloween season and replace with snackable produce. After all, fruits and veggies can be just as (if not more) delicious as candy this time of year!



Make the pledge to reduce food waste, and don’t throw away any scraps of food that could be saved, frozen, composted, or incorporated into another dish. Get creative and don’t say no to funky looking produce (taste just as good as the normal-looking items!).  



Celebrate the holiday season by sourcing sustainable gifts, donating unopened canned (or store-bought) food items, using biodegradable paper plates and utensils for all the holiday parties, and more!

Remember, take your resolutions once step at a time, and you're sure to change your life for the better. Happy to New Year from all of us here at Produce Alliance

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