Sweet Strawberry Stories for National Strawberry Day

Sweet Strawberry Stories for National Strawberry Day

On February 27th, we celebrate a berry that's been gracing our plates and satisfying our taste buds for centuries.

Strawberries are the epitome of sweet simplicity. Most can recall the sensation of that first perfect juicy bite. It's refreshing. It's delightful. It's memorable. 

Join us on this joyous national holiday as we share the sweetest strawberry stories that stem all the way from field to fork and beyond!



Strawberries are rich in both flavor and in history. These familiar fruits have been around for thousands of years originating in North America. However, strawberries weren't actively cultivated until the Renaissance period in Europe. Since they grew so abundantly in the wild, it was unnecessary for early North American civilizations to cultivate strawberry fields. 



As we know, today strawberries are found all over the world and come in more varieties than ever! Our partners at Driscoll's have truly mastered the art of the berry, and in fact, have even taken the art up a notch.

While their conventional and organic berries are carefully grown and cared for on family farms, Driscoll's has research and development teams that use natural breeding methods to create patented varieties. For example, the colorful berries you see pictured is among the vast innovation conducted in the Driscoll's fields.

Everything about the Driscoll's strawberry process is generously meticulous. Click here to see more on Driscoll's berries and read through some pretty unforgettable and heartwarming strawberry growing stories. 



Moving strawberries from berry fields to our forks is just as important as growing them. From temperature moderation to strict inspections, our strong group of distributors keeps close tabs on the safety of strawberry stocks.

Think of this aspect as the behind-the-scenes strawberry story! The people dedicated to taking care of strawberries before they hit supermarkets, restaurants, and ultimately your plate, are just as key to the berry process as the folks growing them. 

Café Zupas

This special strawberry story is one of the sweetest in the bunch! Our friends at Café Zupas work diligently to uphold an honest philosophy of providing real, house-made foods. They source only the finest produce and have created a culinary culture of daily house-made, fresh spreads and dressings. 

On top of it all, at the end of every freshly-made Café Zupas meal, customers are offered a complimentary chocolate-covered strawberry to top off their dining experience!

Why a strawberry, you ask? This small gesture has transformed into a long-standing tradition and truly represents the Café Zupas story. The whole foundation of Cafe Zupas formed from a passion for food and providing a meal and an experience that families feel great about. 

Fast forward to the Café Zupas elevated and sophisticated environment where this vision rings true today. This complimentary strawberry is more than just an added benefit. It's a touch of experience and a token of appreciation from their team. 

We know where we are celebrating National Strawberry Day! 

Have your own #strawberrystories? Share with us on social media! These berries more than deserve a day in the spotlight, don't you think? ❤️🍓

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